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Preparing Your Paintings for Long-Term Self-Storage

  Some self-storage items are easy to store. Boxes of clothes, sofas, cabinets, linens, and iron patio furniture are all examples of low maintenance storage items. If these are the types of items you’re about to put into storage, then you won’t need to worry much about fluctuating temperatures or the humidity; but if you’ve […]

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Self-Storage Works for Business Too

Self-storage is often considered to be a solution for personal, home-related problems. We tend to think of self-storage for when we are moving or renovating, decluttering our house or storing seasonal equipment and recreational accessories, but self-storage can be of huge benefit to small and large businesses alike. At Sentinel Storage, we pride ourselves on […]

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Three Easy Steps To Keep Your Closet Organized

Closets are a standard part of every bedroom and sometimes the hallways too. They serve a great purpose of providing the necessary space to keep any and all of our belongings out of sight. However, it can quickly turn into “out of sight, out of mind” and we find ourselves scared to open the closet […]

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