5 Common Self Storage Mistakes

self storage mistakes

Once you’ve decided to organize your home, you might find yourself left with many belongings you no longer have room to store in the house.  Renting a self storage unit will help keep your home clutter-free, and you’ll have a place to put all the things you may not use on a regular basis- like extra furniture, holiday decorations and supplies, and other seasonal items.

However, be smart about storing your items.  If you’re careless about packing up boxes and containers and the self storage unit itself, your belongings could end up damaged or forgotten.

Here are 5 common self storage mistakes to avoid:

1)      Choosing the wrong-sized storage unit. Get the most bang for your buck by choosing a storage unit that provides enough space for your belongings- but not too much space!  Wasted storage space equals wasted money. Plan in advance by checking out the unit guide on Sentinel Storage’s website.

2)      Using the wrong packing supplies. Your self storage unit is not air-tight, which makes it easily susceptible to dirt and dust. Make sure all items are securely wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in boxes sealed with packing tape.  Using tissue paper or newspaper to wrap your fragile items isn’t the best idea, because things can get jostled easily in a storage unit, causing your items to break. Sentinel Storage has a full line of packing supplies for all your storage needs.

3)      Not labeling your boxes or containers. Avoid the confusion of trying to find items after you’ve packed up your self storage unit by clearly labeling each box or container with the contents inside. You can even colour-code boxes with markers- red for kitchen items, green for bedroom, blue for living room, etc. for even easier access to finding the item you need quickly.

4)      Incorrectly packing your unit. Make sure to leave a pathway so you can get to the rear of your self storage unit.  Also, be sure to store items you may need to access near the front of the unit.  And don’t forget to use vertical space! Store mattresses and larger furniture standing up and stack chairs.  Store heavier items in smaller boxes with lighter boxes on top.

5)      Not creating a self storage plan. This is probably the most important tip: have a plan before you start moving items into your self storage unit.  Think about the things you won’t need for a while and the things you’ll want to access more often, and pack your unit accordingly. Before renting your unit, take note of the boxes and items you can stack so you have a better idea of what sized unit you’ll need.  Invest in shelving as a solution for over-stacking and for easier access to items.

Sentinel Storage is here to help with all of your self storage needs! Stop in to any of our 23 locations to find out more information.

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