5 Tips for Attic Organization

Attic Organization Tips

How to Organize an Attic

It’s easy for an attic to turn into that “forgotten” storage space in our home. Let’s face it, an attic may not be the most convenient room in your home to access. It’s either located at the top of a narrow staircase or through a small opening in a ceiling with a pull-down ladder. This means the things your attic storage space might be crammed full of who knows what anymore, or worse yet, not utilized at all!

Setting aside some time to get your attic cleaned out and organized is worth the effort. Unlike a basement, which can be damp or even be at risk for getting flooded, your attic is nice and dry. That said, attics can experience extreme temperatures if they aren’t insulated properly, so keep that in mind as you’re deciding what to store up there.

Attic Organization Tips

Here are a few attic organization tips so you can meet those home organization goals you may have set earlier this year:

  • Create a plan for your attic storage space. The first step in attic organization is to decide where everything is going to go and what items you’re going to keep up there. Assess the things you currently have stored and have an idea of what will need to go somewhere else, like a self storage unit.
  • Make decisions about your items. Like any home organization task, organizing your attic will utilize your decision-making skills. As you go through your belongings, decide as quickly as possible about what you’re going to keep stored in the attic, what needs to get donated or thrown out, and what will go elsewhere. Once you clear out items, make sure they are removed from your home as soon as possible, too. You don’t want your home to end up more cluttered than when you started this project!
  • Get the right supplies for better attic organization. Invest in some sturdy plastic bins that will keep your belongings safe while stored in the attic, and make sure to clearly label them with the contents. This will save you from digging through boxes when you need an items. If the space will allow, consider installing some shelving, too, for oddly shaped or more delicate items.
  • Define zones for everything. While you’re creating your plan for your attic storage space in step one, you should designate zones for “like” items. Place seasonal items in one area, clothing and shoes in another, family memorabilia in yet another, etc. Also, make sure you place items you’ll need access to throughout the year closer to the door or entrance, while things you only need sporadically can go towards the back.
  • Maintain an organized attic year-round. Once you have an organized attic, do your best to keep it that way! Don’t just toss belongings up there to deal with at a later time. Try to keep everything organized and neat so that when you’re looking for something in particular, you’ll have a good idea of where that item is at any time of the year.

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