Back to School Organization Tips

back to school organization tips

It’s Time for Back to School Preparation!

It seems like we were just welcoming the summer and the warmer weather, doesn’t it? Well, the summer has flown by like it usually does, and now it’s time to start getting ready to send the kids back to school.

It’s true that back to school time can be a stressful time for both parents and kids alike. However, taking some time to get organized ahead of time can alleviate some of that anxiety. Creating checklists, gathering back to school supplies, filling out paperwork, making start of the year doctor appointments are all tasks that can be tackled now, before the school year officially has started.

Simple Back to School Organization Tips

First off, get your home organized for back to school time. Here are a few back to school organization tips to keep in mind to lessen the daily stress:

  • Create a morning routine. Having a map of sorts laid out so your child gets back to a routine in the morning is essential. Create the routine that works out best for the both of you: wake up, brush teeth, comb hair, get dressed, eat breakfast, gather schoolwork, etc. This will help keep you all on track on those busy school mornings!
  • Choose outfits on Sundays. Unless your child’s school requires a uniform, sometimes picking out an outfit can be an extremely stressful situation. When you go back to school clothes shopping, try to pick out pieces that can be easily mixed and matched. Then, every Sunday night limit the child’s wardrobe choices be designating a specific set of clothes to choose from for the week.
  • Designate a space for homework. Create a “homework station” somewhere in your home that is as free from distractions as possible. Whether this is a nook in the kitchen or in the child’s bedroom, or even a corner in the living room, have this area stocked with supplies and ready for homework.
  • Assign daily chores. Help teach your kids responsibility by giving them daily chores to complete. This also helps alleviate stress among family members! Chores can include washing or drying the dishes, feeding pets, wiping down bathrooms, etc. Plus, most kids are eager to help out!
  • Keep important documents together. Kids tend to bring home a lot of important paperwork from school, like notices about field trips or school events. Create an inbox for each child to keep all these documents in one spot. This will ensure no permission slips or assignments fall through the cracks.

Back to School Tips for Parents

As you get ready for the new school year ahead, ensure a successful year by making sure you’re taking the time to review all the information the school has been sending. If possible, go visit the classroom and meet the teacher before school starts. This can be especially important if your child is started at a new school for the first time.

Other important back to school tips for parents are to make sure your child knows some basics for safety, like their address, phone number and how to spell his or her name. Designate a trusted neighbor or friend as an emergency contact in case there is a situation where you can’t be reached.

In addition to these tips, don’t forget to start your back to school preparation for all the projects, papers and other collectibles you’ll be storing throughout your child’s career. Rent a storage unit from  Sentinel Storage if you’re tight on space in your home or apartment! We have a variety of storage unit sizes to meet any of your household storage needs. Contact us today for more information!


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