The Benefits of Self Storage for Business

Business MovingIf you have a company looking to store extra files, supplies or equipment, self storage for business is the best solution at a great value. Renting a self storage unit has become a cost-effective way for businesses to store excess inventory, furniture, documents and electronics. If a business is moving to a new location, using self storage to store items is quite beneficial and easier to access than ever before. For offices that are running out of storage space, renting a storage unit is much less costly than moving to a larger office. The self storage industry is also adapting to more business storage customers. Some facilities are only offering space to business clients! There are also many businesses that use their storage units as their “storefront”, because it is cheaper to lease the storage unit than pay for retail space.

Some of the key benefits renting a self storage unit offers to businesses are:

1)      Frees up office space by storing items workers don’t use regularly

2)      Provides a place for extra furniture and equipment until your business needs it

3)      Can act as a small-scale distribution center or warehouse

4)      Allows a business to save money by buying office supplies in bulk and store them for future use

5)      Creates a space to archive important files and documents

6)      Can use a self storage unit to store files and equipment during a move

Some of the businesses that can benefit from renting a self storage unit include lawyers, the healthcare field and pharmaceutical sales representatives, accountants or financial service representatives, small business owners, and so on.

Remember to keep in mind the same packaging tips as you would when storing personal items. Do not pack boxes more than 30 pounds. Do not stack boxes too high in the storage unit or you will not be able to easily access the items. Store the items that you will need to access more often to the front of the storage unit. Keep a detailed inventory of the items that you are storing. This includes labeling the contents on every box. If you are storing electronics or sensitive documents, consider renting a climate-controlled storage unit to protect your items from damage caused by extremes in temperature.

Sentinel Storage is here to help with all of your business self storage needs! We even offer a courtesy rental truck to assist with your move. Another popular free service at Sentinel is holding keys for assigned employees of commercial clients. A unique security code gives them access to your storage unit and tracks traffic. Stop in to any of our 23 locations to find out more information.

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  1. Thank you so much for listing all the different types of companies that could see good from using a storage facility, especially medical offices. My sister works for the local doctor’s office during the week and ever since they added two new doctors to the practice has been feeling as if they may need to move to a larger building. But perhaps they could just use a storage facility instead.

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