College Students and Self Storage

college students and self storage

It’s hard to believe that just a short time ago, students were finishing exams and getting ready for the summer.  With fall quickly approaching, back to school time is also right around the corner! And for students heading back to college, it means it’s time to go through your belongings and decide what you should and shouldn’t bring with you to your dormitory or campus apartment.

The student living quarters at many campuses can be very tight, and storage space is almost always an issue in your dorm room or apartment. Renting a self storage unit close to the campus will allow you to have access to your belongings, and will also get them out of your parents’ house! If you are living most of the year on campus, you’ll want to be able to get to your things as you need them. Plus, your parents will most likely be happy to get rid of some that clutter. In fact, your parents might even decide to rent a storage unit to store all of the childhood toys, awards and clothes that you just can’t part with.

Most self storage facilities offer month-to-month rentals, which is perfect for the college student to store items in-between school years. Storing your personal items in a self storage unit gives you peace of mind that your items will be safe and secure for the time that you are away from school, whether you are going home for a break or perhaps studying abroad. This is also a great option for students who do not have a way to transport their items back and forth from home.

When choosing a self storage unit in your college town, make sure you are getting the right type of unit for what you plan to be storing. With college students being on a limited budget, you want to make sure that you get all the space you need at the best price. If you are storing multiple electronics, some antique furniture, documents or even mattresses, it might be a good idea to rent a climate-controlled storage unit to protect these items over a hot summer or freezing winter. If you are just storing clothes, linens and kitchen items, then rent a non-climate controlled storage unit.

Many college graduates will be transitioning to their new lives after their graduation ceremonies. Some graduates could be moving home to smaller living spaces or striking out on their own to a different city. If this is the case, then it would be a good idea to store your college belongings in a self storage unit until you have found proper housing in your new city. You might not have the room for all of your furniture if you are living in a small studio apartment or are sharing a house with 5 roommates. Look for a self storage facility in your area that will accommodate your storage needs during the changes in your life.

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