Get the Most Out of Your Kitchen Space

The kitchen is one of the most frequented rooms in your home. It’s where you have your morning coffee, make breakfast for your kids, have dinner as a family, and host your friends for game night. With so much going on though, this space can get away from you and suddenly you find yourself overwhelmed with pots, pans, and an overflowing pantry. Don’t let your kitchen be the room you want to avoid and create the space of your dreams for all to enjoy.

Plan Your Space

When designing your kitchen, start at the very beginning. The layout of your kitchen can make all the difference in how you move in the space. Prioritize function just as much as décor and style. No one knows how you’ll use your space more than you, so create a layout that allows you to move and flow in the room the way you want to! Take note of what you genuinely use in the kitchen. If you’re a self-proclaimed chef, you’ll want to put the oven and counter space as a top priority on your list of what you need. No matter your cooking style, make your kitchen work for you. Use your wall space to maximize the functionality and build your storage up to avoid having to put more on the floor plan. The more physical room taken up on the floor, the smaller the room looks and feels. Building the storage space up not only utilizes the free space you already have, but it draws the eye up and gives the illusion of the room being more extensive and more open.

Dual-Purpose and Creativity

Design your space to serve multiple purposes. For example, a breakfast bar or island not only replaces a full kitchen table and chairs, but it can be designed with drawers and cabinets to be used for storage as well. If you have people over, you can add more chairs around the bar, and hide them away to give more room to move around when it’s just your immediate family. Instead of a microwave, consider a toaster oven that can be built into the wall or cabinetry. In addition to removing another appliance from cluttering your counter or shelving space, it’s proven to be a healthier alternative to your standard microwave! Your cabinets can become one of the most cluttered areas in your kitchen- it’s the wonders of being able to close the door and pretend the mess isn’t there. Consider putting drawers in your cupboards. By installing a swivel or drawer-like shelving in your cupboards and pantry, you can store more and still have access to every item instead of having to rummage through and take everything down just to get the glasses in the back you’ve been searching for. Another way to free up counter space is to install a magnetic strip to hold your cooking utensils instead of storing them in a knife block. This saves space and looks great!

Use Every Inch

Build your cabinets high so you don’t lose out on that extra foot where most cabinet designs stop- leaving a gap between the top and the ceiling that never gets used. If you don’t like the look of tall cabinets, another alternative is to put an additional shelf up there in the space between. The goal of both of these design changes are the same- to give you the extra space you need, so go with whatever you like best! Move your more infrequently used items to the additional top space to clear up room for your everyday items to be right in reach when you need them. Consider built-in seating for your kitchen, especially if you have a unique floor plan. Not only can you design a built-in bench for extra storage, but it gives you the ability to be right up against the wall where most chairs and seating can’t, leaving you instantly with lost space. Finally, shelving is everything. These days everyone is about open shelving! It is a great way to efficiently use your space while instantly gaining design and decoration in the room- while keeping you accountable and on top of getting overcrowded with unnecessary items!

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and its design should reflect that! No matter if you have 600 square feet or 50 square feet to work with, make the most of your kitchen by creating a space you want to spend your time in, with family and friends alike.

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