The History of Sentinel Storage

1975 historyWe are happy to announce that 2015 brings Sentinel Storage’s 40th anniversary as a leading Canadian self storage company. We’ve come a long way since 1975, when we opened our first facility, E-Z Storage in Winterburn Industrial Park in Alberta! However, we’re proud to say that E-Z Storage was the first self storage facility in Western Canada- if not ALL of Canada!

Sentinel’s History

Just a few years after our first facility opened in 1975, we opened our second and third facilities in Edmonton in 1978, and more growth for Sentinel ensued!

By the 1980s, the self storage industry was taking off in both Canada and the United States. Competition and demand for more storage space was growing, and so was Sentinel. Throughout the eighties, we added a total of 10 locations, and in 1985 we trademarked the name Sentinel Self Storage, the name we are well-known by today.

The 1990s saw tremendous growth and change for Sentinel. Cambridge Shopping Centres became 50% owners in this decade, and purchased ten facilities operating as On Guard Mini-Storage Shurgard. Locations across Canada were opened, from Calgary West, Red Deer, Fort McMurray and Ajax, and Sentinel was also hired as the management company for seven facilities operating as Securespace. The decade was booming, with Sentinel overseeing a total of 32 facilities.

More recently, in the twenty-first century Sentinel started to closely resemble the company we are today. The On Guard and Securespace facilities were sold by Cambridge to U-Haul, and we opened and expanded several more locations. Spyhill Self Storage, for example, opened in 2006 as a high-end design concept facility. Fort McMurray was expanded a total of three times! Along with opening Stouffville and Chapparral, we also purchased Halifax and our 3 properties in British Columbia.

It’s said that the self storage industry got its start in the United States in the 1950s. The first facility similar to what comes to mind when we think of self storage today- a facility with garage-style doors- was built in Odessa, Texas in 1964. The 1970s saw the emergence of big players like Storage and Storage USA who are still around today.

Also in 1975, along with the first Sentinel location, the Self Storage Association was formed. Its Canadian affiliate, the Canadian Self Storage Association, created in 1980.

History of Sentinel Infographic

Sentinel isn’t the only company celebrating 40 years in 2015! Some names you might be familiar with include Microsoft, Supercuts and Chili’s Restaurants. Our latest infographic has some fun facts about 1975 history, and also display’s Sentinel’s history in an easy-to-read timeline. View it below, or on our website, and don’t forget to share it with all your friends and family- especially those who also might be turning forty years old this year!

Self Storage History: Sentinel

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