Holiday Decorating Trends and Tips

holiday decorating trends

It’s December, which means the holiday season is officially upon us! If you haven’t started decorating your home yet, now is the time to stop by your storage unit, pull out all your seasonal holiday items and take a couple days to beautify your home for the season.

Maybe you’re looking for some ways to put a new spin on your decorations this year.  Here are some of the latest holiday decorating trends for 2014, as well as some tips for a beautifully decorated home this season.

Holiday Decorating Trends for 2014

  • Natural textures: This year, one of the hottest trends is using natural materials that add texture to your décor. Using burlap to create a beautiful wreath or adding faux fur to your displays provide a unique look to your decorations.
  • LED lights: LED lights are energy-efficient and are quickly replacing their incandescent counterparts. A new twist to the LED lights this year is the color-changing RGB bulb. Each bulb can change its hue slowly, creating a gentle light show that’s pleasing to the eye. Also for 2014, multicolor lights are replacing white lights in popularity. White lights are elegant, but twinkling colored lights can add a little more warmth and fun to your holiday decorations.
  • Touch of bling: While holiday decorations have always had some sparkle to them, 2014 is taking that shine to a whole new level. From ornaments and candleholders decked out in rhinestones, to shimmery bows and ribbons on your tree, adding some bling to your decorations will make everything really pop, especially in all the pretty lighting mentioned above.
  • Involve technology: Some people really go all out in the decorating and utilize all the latest technology to make a dazzling light display in their front yard. Combining alight show with music and animated characters, all organized and executed through a computer program, is a new trend that is starting to take hold more and more.
  • Make the old new: Utilizing vintage ornaments are also very much in style this year. What better way to connect with your older family members this year than by asking them for ornaments and decorations they’ve had in storage for years. Let them tell you the story behind the decorations and show them how you incorporate them into your modern décor. These items can be cherished for years to come, too.

holiday decorating trends

Holiday Decorating Tips

Decorating the home both inside and out can be one of the biggest projects you tackle this holiday season. But it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process that takes a week to complete. Plan a weekend to get your decorations up and make it an event that you and your whole family will enjoy and look forward to year after year.

Remember to try to keep your decorating as simple as possible. Focus on a few areas of the home that are used often where you’ll enjoy the holiday atmosphere the most. Your biggest goal of decorating should be to create a space that truly represents the season.  It doesn’t have to be magazine-perfect to fill your family, friends and guests with holiday cheer.

If you want to involve the kids, homemade projects are a fun and exciting way to get them in the spirit and create new memories. However, if you’re planning on going this route with your kids this year, choose one project to tackle at a time. Don’t think that you’ll get five projects done over the span of one day.  Instead, keep a list of potential creations, whether it’s a hand sewn pillow or advent calendar, glittery ornaments or strands of popcorn garland. This way, you can choose one homemade project to do every year as your children grow- and save the more complicated ones for their later years!

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