How to Know it’s Time to Rent a Storage Unit and What Size is Best Suited for You

A storage unit may not be on your long list of things you need in your life, but maybe it should be. Whether you’ve recently downsized and now have more furniture than space to put it in or you’ve been expanding your collection of belongings over the years and now you can’t open your closet without having to brace yourself, a storage unit can be the answer to your problem. Here’s how to know when you’re in need of a storage unit and how to find the right one for you.

Smaller Living Space

Nowadays, people are living in so many different types of spaces. Gone are the days of the suburbs and white picket fences as the living situation of choice. People are living in tiny homes, in vans, and shared apartment spaces. Many of these newer living arrangements allow for more independence and accessibility to the world than ever before. But in most of these cases, with your newly gained freedom comes the compromise of physical space. Even in condos and apartments, you lose out on a lot of storage space for your belongings. The closets are small and the cupboard space is limited. More often than not, the storage lockers offered by the building can’t hold everything you need and aren’t in a climate-controlled space to ensure the safety and longevity of your items. If you’re coming from a larger living space to a more compact set up, you’re probably finding the smaller square footage makes your belongings look cluttered and crammed into one area.  Instead of having to downsize your household appliances and clothing to fit into your newly downsized space, a storage unit can be a safe and secure place to keep your belongings for when you need them at any time.

Your Home is Overflowing

If you haven’t shrunk down your space, maybe you’ve grown your collection of belongings instead. It happens! But if the attic, closets, garage, and the spare bedroom downstairs are starting to look like you’ve got four new roommates moving in or you can’t seem to find that blender you swear you bought last year, you might need to start looking into storage unit options. Ultimately, you want to be able to take advantage of your space and enjoy spending your time in your home. This becomes much more difficult to do when your belongings are taking over. But in the age of minimalism, you don’t have to get rid of everything you own in order to live a stress-free, comfortable life. Go through your house and filter your belongings to what you need to have on hand in your home and what you are able to put away in your storage unit and bring out when you want to use them.

The Unit for You

You don’t have to sacrifice your hobbies and keepsakes- there’s a unit tailored to everyone. Based on what you want to store, your unit size will differ. Are you storing a few boxes of childhood toys or outdoor furniture during the winter? Do you need space to move around and access your items at any time with ease? You will need to take into consideration not only the size of your belongings but the extra space to move around comfortably in your unit. With stores located all across the country, self-storage units are a great, easily accessibly solution so you can keep the bikes and canoes for those summer adventures without sacrificing your parking space in the garage.

Whether you need a small space for a couple of extra boxes or a place to fix up your dream car you’ve had sitting in the driveway for two years, there’s a storage unit that matches your needs. Check out your local self-storage facilities today!

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