Make the Most Out of a Small Powder Room

The powder room can be a nice addition to the house that offers a centrally located space to quickly freshen up or for your guests to use without having to go searching further into the house. Create a space everyone can use without feeling claustrophobic by using these tips.

Create the Illusion of a Larger Room

You can’t always renovate and make the room bigger, but you can give it a little help to appear that way. Mirrors are a great way to start. Mirrors give the illusion that a room is larger than it is by giving it more depth. If you are willing to go big on the design and décor of the room add mirrors of different sizes and frames of different textures to create the look of more space. Keep the paint colour light and neutral- dark colours can sometimes give the impression that it is smaller than it appears. Plants and other greenery are a great way to bring new life into a space and can take a small room to the next level. Add plants of various sizes and different heights of the room to make it appear grand and draw the eye up and around. Adding texture is another great way to create depth in a small space and can act as a distraction to the size of the room and instead have your guests looking towards the décor and accent pieces present. Use towels, wallpaper, and frames to give texture.

Maximize Storage

With a small floor plan, sometimes it’s all about having to get creative. Start looking up instead of down; you have a lot more space to work with than you may think! When horizontal space is not available, work your design up vertically. Take advantage of the wall space with shelving that goes higher up the wall. This not only gives you more room to work with but helps in making the room look larger by again drawing the eye upwards. Choosing shelving instead of cabinets can also keep things more open and less bulky, helping to give an airy appearance to the room. If you decide to go with open shelving, make sure you keep the belongings in the room to a minimum. Choose items to go on the shelves that are specific to the room. Keep anything that doesn’t bring something to the overall appearance of the space in another room where people won’t see the clutter.

Keep It Simple

Although you may want to store bathroom necessities in your powder room, keep in mind it is a smaller and more basic layout than a full bathroom and your stored items should reflect that as well. Try to keep the items to what you really need in there- hand towels, toilet paper, soap- and the extras, like your toothbrush, skin care products, and styling tools, in your full bathroom where you get ready every morning and night. The small powder room is used primarily for freshening up and does not need to be decked out in all the hardware and cabinetries. By choosing a sink that is stand-alone or pedestal style, it pulls the eye up and leaves more space on the physical footprint of the room to give the illusion that there is more space than there really is. Keeping the floor clear from clutter also makes it a lot easier to clean the powder room without having to remove items and put them back after you’re done.

Though these rooms may be on the smaller size, they serve a great purpose. With a little help and creativity, you can create a powder room that wows every guest without having to go over budget with renovations.


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