New Year’s Decluttering Resolutions

organizing your homeIs one of your New Year’s resolutions organizing your home? Most people resolve to exercise more and improve eating habits, along with better manage their money. But home organization is commonly up there on that list of resolutions, too!  There are plenty of ways you can go about de-cluttering and keep an organized home throughout the entire year.

Starting the Project

An easy way to start your home organization process is to go through your home room by room.  Make a list of the areas you’d like to organize or projects for each space and create goals. Seeing all the tasks at hand will allow you to start small and keep track of your progress- you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment as you begin crossing items off your list!

Once you have your goals for each room determined, start defining your clutter. Tackle one room at a time by sorting through items you’d like to keep in the room or put in storage. You can also decide which items you can donate, which can be thrown away, and what you can sell later in the year in a garage sale. Make smart decisions- although many items can hold sentimental value, it’s unlikely that you will need those eight bridesmaid dresses any time soon. Or perhaps you’re holding on to damaged items that you’ve planned to fix and use again. If it’s been over a year since the items has been broken or torn, it’s time to toss it.

As we mentioned before, it’s advised to start small when you begin organizing your home. You can start with the kitchen junk drawer or the hallway coat closet. Even seeing just one small area get organized will give you the motivation to continue on with your projects.

Try to remove excess items out of your home as quickly as possible. This is a great time to consider renting a self storage unit from Sentinel Storage, especially for those items you might not be ready to let go of just yet. You don’t want to keep moving your belongings simply from one room to another, like the attic or the basement, because you’ll soon find that even your own storage spaces are cluttered and disorganized.  This could impede your whole process.  You’ll soon feel overwhelmed once again as the storage spaces in your home are taken over with all your excess “stuff”.

Keep An Organized Home Throughout the Year

Once you have managed to rid your home of clutter and have completed the majority of your home organization projects, make sure you keep it in the same condition for the rest of the year. Some easy tips to keep your home clutter free throughout the year include:

  1. Do daily cleaning, such as clean your kitchen after each meal and put away clean laundry.
  2. Put away daily items into their designated spots after use. Use shelves, storage bins and baskets to keep these items organized.
  3. Finish the projects that you started! Do not leave projects half completed!
  4. Sort your mail right away. Place magazines and catalogs that you won’t read directly into the recycle bin and place bills and other mail that have to be answered in a specially designated spot.
  5. Stop impulse or recreational buying. This causes more clutter to be brought into the home. Think through your purchases.

With proper planning and a goal in mind, you can de-clutter and organize your home as well as start a plan to keep it organized going forward.


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