Questions to Ask to Help You De-Clutter

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Wondering How to Organize Your Home?

If you set some home organization goals earlier this year and are still struggling to achieve them all, you’re probably not alone! We all start accumulating more and more items over time, and sometimes it can be difficult to have the discipline to get rid of old things as we acquire new things. This, however, can lead to a home full of clutter and chaos.

Some belongings hold special meaning, like heirlooms passed down from family, clothing that takes us back to a great time in our lives, or even letters, cards and mementos from loved ones. Even though these items are meaningful, when they start piling up they can add unwanted stress into our lives.

De-Cluttering Tips to Help You Begin

Remember, your overall home organization goal is to end up with a clutter-free home that is able to function as it should- as a relaxing place for family and friends to gather. When you’re ready to start tackling some of this clutter and clearing out the chaos in your home, there are a few things you can keep in mind to help you make quick decisions about what items to keep and what you can donate or toss.

Ask yourself these five questions when you start going through your belongings:

  1. Do I have a plan for this item? It’s easy to get caught up in the thought that maybe someday our children might like to have an item, or perhaps it’d be perfect for a future project, but be realistic about these ideas. When you begin organizing your home, make sure you have a plan for every item you’re keeping- and a place to store it until you need it.
  2. Is this something I’m keeping “just in case”? If you’ve bought something a few months or even years ago that you thought would come in handy, but so far it’s still sitting in the box unopened, it’s safe to assume you won’t need it any time soon. If you find items that are purely taking up space in boxes or sitting on shelves unused, it’s probably time to purge them.
  3. Can I fix this broken item? Here’s a good test for this situation- take the broken item out and sit it somewhere you’ll see it every day. If two weeks go by and you still haven’t gotten around to fixing it (or you haven’t been able to fix it yourself), it’s time for it to get tossed.
  4. Would I buy this item today? If you wouldn’t waste money on the item today, then you probably won’t ever get around to using it or needing it. However, sometimes we hold on to things simply because we spent our hard-earned money on them. Ask yourself if you were to see the item while out shopping today, would you still buy it?
  5. Am I holding on to this item purely for sentimental value? When you have items that you just can’t bear to part with, create a small memory box for them. Items that hold special meaning can be the most difficult to purge, but make sure you have the room to hold on to them.

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