Be a Savvy Storage User: Accessibility: How do I USE my space?

Storage units seem like they’re all the homogenous   — “10 feet wide by 10 feet long, 8 feet high”

But they aren’t! Just like hotels can offer a standard “queen bed” room, there are many choices of what that room is like! Quality of construction, security and accessibility all matter in the storage business too!

Ask about how you will access your storage unit! Your time is valuable, as is your comfort.

Just like hotel rooms, there are different products available to suit your storage needs. For example,  there are drive up garage style units, just like a drive to the door motel. These work great for ease of loading! All you do is drive up, roll open the garage door, make a few steps and your items are in their temporary home! These spaces are often unheated and shed-like.  Depending on what you are storing, how long you are storing and how often you access – this style may be perfect for your needs.  Like a motel, they are typically cheaper.

There is also a climate controlled warehouse building style storage. Just like a hotel, the rooms are on the inside of the building. Warehouses are well lit, well built and climate controlled. Access will be through a loading area. If the property is multi story, elevators will access the upper floors.

Some high end properties even allow you to drive in and park INSIDE of the building!

When using a warehouse style site, you may want to ask the following:

  • Single story or multi story?
  • Is there a scissor lift to help me get the items in and out of my vehicle?
  • Are there carts, pallet jacks, 2 wheel dollies available for me to use?
  • What size is the elevator(s) and is there more than one? (More and larger-sized elevators mean fewer loads, and less waiting if the site is busy)
  • How wide are the hallways? Are they well lit?

Be a savvy storage user and ask about what your access experience will look like.

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