Be a Savvy Storage User: Advantages to ON SITE Storage Facility Managers?

Do you know that some storage facilities have managers that live on site? There are multiple reasons a storage company would do this, but the primary, perhaps the most important, is security.

Often storage properties are located in industrial zoned areas. While there are many people coming and going during the working hours, the area may be very quiet and desolate on weekends and off hours. By having staff living on the property, there is someone around to keep an eye on the site. They’re also often available to deal with any after hour emergencies such as a gate that won’t close. Our dedicated onsite property managers are usually the first to respond to alarms and other security breaches. If necessary, security guards or the police will be dispatched, but with onsite staff, the response time is reduced.

So while modern day security equipment is very reliable and well designed, there’s still a place for the good old fashioned presence of watchful staff.

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