Be a Savvy Storage User: Consider Construction

A box is a box, is a box – right?

While a self-storage room or garage seems like just a large box – how that box is constructed is a big consideration. Think of all of the different ways a house can be constructed – storage is the same:

  • While wood frame is an option, it’s a cheaper building method. A wood framed building is more flammable and can rot. Wood can also be weaker and more prone to cutting.
  • Another material used for inner partitions is drywall. While this is a viable material and is similar to what many of our homes are made of, it, too, can be cut or broken easier than metal and concrete.

For this reason, Sentinel prides itself in quality construction materials of concrete and steel. While it costs more to build this way, the storage units are less flammable and more secure.  Over the years, we have seen other storage facilities with: dirt floors, open mesh partitions, flimsy wood doors and no lighting.

Like most consumer decisions, you should ask for the construction materials so you make an educated decision when choosing a place for your goods.

Be a savvy storage user and check out quality of construction before renting a unit.

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