Be a Savvy Storage User: Don’t fall for the trap of extra costs!

So, you need a storage unit? We understand that moving is stressful and you already have so many other things to take care of, without the added stress of finding an affordable storage unit.

We know that your time is limited, but we encourage you to do your research on affordable storage rates and amenities.  Some storage operators know that finding a storage unit at a reasonable rate may not be your first priority and end up surprising  you when you show up to get your storage unit by adding on extra fees. At Sentinel, we pride ourselves on NOT adding extra fees at move in, as we feel this is deceiving. Therefore, we let you know how much everything will cost up front!

Keep in mind the first month’s rent is not the total cost at some storage places and may include fees such as:

  1. Deposits and administration fees at move in
  2. Mandatory lock purchase
  3. Mandatory insurance coverage
  4. Extended access hours, or pallets, or shelving
  5. Use of garbage and recycling disposal

So, the one month rent you were quoted may be a few dollars less than another storage choice, but they have surprised you at the counter with all of these add-ons! Be an educated storage user by asking what all of the costs are before you show up with your loaded truck.

At Sentinel, we pride ourselves on NOT adding extra fees at move in as we feel this is deceiving. So just ask…

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