Be a Savvy Storage User: What Happens in the Event of the Death of a Customer?

It is human nature to avoid thinking of the “what if” situations in life. At Sentinel, we have over 10,000 customers, and over 40 years in business, so we have experienced many different sad incidents.

Death of a customer is very traumatic for all concerned, including our staff. It is our role to ensure that the correct parties access and remove the customer’s contents.

Sentinel is similar to a bank, as storage units represent large safety deposit boxes. It is important that access to the contents be given to the proper party. We will ask for Letter of Probate (if the deceased had a will), or Letter of Administrator (if the deceased did not have a will) before we can allow access. When a customer dies, we will work with the next of kin by first reviewing our file to determine the customer’s wishes for allowing access. Sentinel has prepared a package to give to the next of kin advising of the proper court documents to allow access and removal of the contents. While the estate is being sorted out, the rent is still due. Sentinel will work with the next of kin to expedite the process.

Requests such as access to search the unit for a will are forwarded to our Head Office for review and approval. This may take several days as we often ask our lawyers for their advice.

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