Be a Savvy Storage User: Think Outside the Box

Some of us remember the days when an upcoming move had us begging the local grocery and liquor stores for boxes – any type of boxes.

Three Reasons to Invest in Good Quality Boxes

With so many businesses struggling for more storage space, the availability of sturdy and reliable boxes for moving has definitely made it harder to locate large amounts of boxes for free. The drive to crush and recycle cardboard to free up more room is a popular way for stores to reserve room for inventory. Here are three reasons to invest in some good quality new boxes when moving and storing:

  1. First, new boxes are clean inside and outside. No worrying about inside stains affecting your belongings or having a handful of boxes given to you only to find there’s dirt inside.
  2. Second, manufacturers such as Cascades produce boxes specifically for the moving industry. Hundreds of professional moving companies insist on using good quality boxes when packing up homes and businesses. Many storage companies, such as Sentinel, source and sell these same professional grade boxes for you to buy in small quantities.

According to Cascades:

“Corrugated board is manufactured using two materials: corrugating medium and linerboard. Corrugating medium forms the corrugated layer of the board, while the linerboard is used for the two outer layers.

Using the best materials when manufacturing moving boxes guarantees maximum resistance to lateral impacts and vertical loads, which reduces the risk of damage to stacked boxes.”

Good quality boxes will not collapse or break down when being handled, transported and stacked.

  1. Third, uniform sized boxes are easier to stack, and maximize your storage space. This saves money and also ensures that boxes won’t shift and collapse, damaging your items inside.

An investment in good quality boxes will safeguard your items AND save you money. Visit any Sentinel location during our office hours and our storage experts will help you select the right sizes for your needs and budget.

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