Be a Savvy Storage User: “Packing It In”? Specialty Packing Supplies

Just like the old saying “there is a lid for every pot”, there is a packing solution for every item. Look around your home, there’s a good chance the original packing that items were encased in when you purchased them has been disposed of. If you are in the midst of planning a move, it doesn’t need to be a struggle to find a packing option that works.

At Sentinel, we are happy to carry a complete line of ideal storage options:

  • Mattress bags: Great for not only the wide array of sizes of mattress and box springs, these thick plastic bags can be used to protect other large items.
  • TV boxes: TVs are particular fragile to move, using a specialty box will ensure it is not damaged
  • Shrink wrap: This magic film has many uses: Protect dressers by shrink wrapping around them, which will also hold the drawers closed. Take the legs off of tables and shrink wrap them to top, or to each other. Protect small pieces of furniture by shrink wrapping around them.
  • Wardrobe boxes: Perfect for seasonal  and delicate clothes and outerwear. A handy hanging bar allows for clothes hangers to keep the items from getting wrinkled. Some people even use these large boxes for pillows and other linens. Hand holders on the side of the box help grab the box.
  • Professional mover quality tape and tape guns: Make the job easier with the right tools to secure your boxes.
  • Bubble wrap: Pictures and other fragile items can be wrapped in bubble wrap to protect them during the move.
  • Professional grade packing paper: While old newspapers are an option, they are coated in ink that may rub off onto your dishes and glassware. For pennies a piece, pack like a mover and wrap your dishes in large newsprint like paper sheets. These also are great for wrapping smaller pictures before placing them in a box.
  • Markers: Finish the job off with a bright, long lasting description on the box.

Sentinel carries the same products that the movers use, in smaller quantities to help you “pack it in”. Whether you’re moving or just need supplies for organizing your storage unit, come see us today.

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