Be a Savvy Storage User: Plan for Success

Let’s face it – no one likes moving, it’s a lot of work. While it’s tempting to just quickly pack boxes to get it done fast, you will thank yourself later if you can plan for success. There are a couple things that need to be planned out before organizing your storage unit:

How often do you anticipate you will access your items in storage? Which items would they be? Consider how long you will need storage and what seasons will occur. Let’s say the items are going into storage in the summer and your new home won’t be ready until the following spring. Will you need your Christmas tree and decorations? How about your snowboard or winter boots and clothes?

There may be some items you know won’t be needed until you move out. Place the bigger furniture at the very back of your storage unit.  Put appliances you won’t need up against the back walls. Now you can stack lighter boxes and bags above. Extra towels, pillows and blankets from your linen closet can fill the upper pockets to maximize the space.

Now build your “I MAY need” layer of items. Furniture on the bottom – lighter items on top.  Keep the area closest to the door for the stuff you have to get to, mark a good description on the side of the box., and position the boxes so the labels are easy to read.

Voila! Success when you come back to quickly add and take out your possessions.

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