Be a Savvy Storage User: A Price to Pay for Access?

We often get asked about the difference between movers storage, container storage and self-storage.

Each service provides its own benefits and downfalls.

Movers Storage

Storage provided by a mover is the “full meal deal” experience. For a premium price, the moving company will pack and move your items, and store them on pallets with shrink wrap up in the rafters at their own moving warehouse. This is a fabulous service if you can afford it, and if you do NOT anticipate accessing your goods.

Should you have to access your items, it comes at a cost, both in time and money. For a large fee, the mover will bring your items down and during their limited hours, you can access.

Container Storage

Container storage is a fairly new service. A truck will drop off a container for you to fill over a certain short time period. Containers are great if you have a driveway or parking space for them to sit while you pack it up. Unfortunately, they can be the target of break ins, so ensure you lock it with a good quality lock.

Once filled, the container company picks up the container and takes it back to store in their warehouse. Sometimes, breakage can occur if the items are not well packed and shift during transport.  Again, access comes at a cost as they too have to retrieve your container to allow you into it.


Self-Storage is generally the most affordable of them all. As the name implies, by doing your moving and storage yourself – you save money and have more control. A self storage unit is your own room or garage for you to place your items in whatever way works for you. Many good storage operators have a courtesy moving truck to help you get your stuff in and out of storage. And access can happen during long extended hours, at no extra cost to you,. so you can add, change, or remove your stuff as your needs evolve.

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