Be a Savvy Storage User: Protected from the Elements

In the storage business, we often refer to what amenities are in place to keep your items warm and dry. Buzz words like “climate controlled” or “heated vs regular” are used. But what about YOUR comfort? First generation storage facilities consisted of drive up rows of mini garages. While ok to visit in the summer, winter could be nasty.

Storage has evolved into modern day high rises for your belongings. While your goods reside in a nice mini condo within the building, accessing your unit couldn’t be more luxurious: Open the large bay door using your unique access code, then drive your vehicle right inside of the building. Our enclosed loading bays can hold up to four semi-trailer units, keeping you and your vehicle in a warm, well lit area, protected from wind, rain, or snow.

Unloading and loading your items can sometimes feel like a chore, but with complimentary carts, large freight elevators and a platform lift (at some locations only), spending time at our storage facility doesn’t have to be an all day thing and you’re protected from the harsh weather at the same time. Our goal is to make it easier for our customers to access their belongings, regardless of time of year.

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