Be a Savvy Storage User: Save money on storage rental with these tips!

Renting an affordable and secure storage unit doesn’t have to be stressful  Most of our customers are focused on the short term need and economical cost. We often hear “I NEED a storage unit, and I don’t anticipate it will be for very long…”

At Sentinel, we understand that you may not know how long you will need a storage unit.  Our minimum rental period is one month. This means you are required to pay the first month up front, like an apartment – but without  obligation to stay longer.

We don’t ask for you to give us “notice” that you are vacating, compared to other storage places that penalize you, if you don’t  let them know 30 days in advance. We know life is both busy and unpredictable. How will you know for sure what date your new house will be ready? What days you can take off work to do your move? We know you have enough on your plate without having to worry about your storage needs too.

So, you do not have to give us notice and we even let you pay for a partial month if you have to move out sooner than expected! For example, let’s say you need the storage unit for one month, plus 10 days. At Sentinel, you will pay the first month at move in. You will also pay the second month, but when you move out, we will refund you up to 15 days into the second rental period, on a per day basis!

For example, if the rent is $100/month and you stay 10 days into the second month, then we divide $100 by 30 days in a month, which is $3.33 per day. Which means, your total cost for 10 days is $33.30 and you receive a $66.67 refund!

Be a Savvy Storage user and ask what the vacate notice/corporate policy is at the storage company you are considering! Why pay $200 when you can pay $133 instead?

At Sentinel, when it is time for you to move out, we want you to leave happy!

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