Be A Savvy Storage User- Save Money and Time with Courtesy Moving Truck

If you have a truck or a large van, chances are you’ve received the calls from your friends and family to help them move. While that vehicle and your muscle power is a great asset, sometimes this means multiple trips and a full tank of gas to support your friends during their move.

We don’t all have the luxury of a large vehicle at the ready, or the ability to conduct multiple trips. Sentinel Storage is happy to help cut down on your moving costs and logistics planning with the accessibility of our courtesy Move-In Truck.

Sentinel Halifax006

If the Move-In Truck is available, you’re welcome to borrow it to transport your storage items to Sentinel. The truck is reserved on a first come, first served basis and you can book the Move-In Truck online..

With its large capacity and minimal charge of $0.50 per kilometer, the 14’ covered Move-In Truck with easy-access loading ramp is an ideal solution to transport your property to your storage unit.

When it comes to helping you move, Sentinel Storage wants to help  in as many ways as we can. Did you know that we also offer all of your packing needs as well? Packing  supplies vary by location but generally we have the moving solutions that you need, everything from cardboard boxes and packing paper to packing tape and everything in between. Select Sentinel Storage sites even have wardrobe boxes, mattress covers and more, making your move as convenient as it can be.

Contact your self storage facility to discover what they have as you plan your move and discover your needs.

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