Be a Savvy Storage User: The Secret to Business Success!

In business, time is money! Good partnerships can help your business be efficient, and therefore successful!

The self-storage experience can be enhanced beyond the fabulous private storage unit in which you store your business items. Premium storage facilities have many value-added services, such as key holding and delivery acceptance.

Key holding is where you give the Storage Office one of your keys, and they will hold the key and give it to people you have approved to access your storage units. The person signs in for the key, and returns the key when they are leaving. This works great when there are multiple employees that require access. Should an employee leave, you no longer have to worry about getting the key back, or changing locks and all remaining keys if you couldn’t.

Add on delivery acceptance service, to further benefit from your storage experience! This next level of service allows the storage office to give your key to couriers that need to make deliveries to your storage unit, or pick up shipments. Now you have time to go out and make calls, do your job! – No longer have to wait for a key shipment to arrive or be sent! If your shipment requires a heated environment, the days of worrying about it sitting out in the cold, unsecured on your doorstep are over. Deliveries are made right to your storage unit for ease of unpacking at your convenience.

What is the cost for these services at Sentinel? It is FREE for our commercial renters! There is a Hold Harmless Agreement that is required – and we are all.. in business!

Ask today at our of our storage offices for more info!

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