Be a Savvy Storage User: Winter Conditions and Storage… 3 Things to Consider

Winter is here! We Canadians are a resilient bunch and have learned how to adapt to the harsh conditions. Most household items can tolerate unheated storage. Think of what items you would keep in your unheated garage or shed. Many of the contents of our homes have been shipped across the country to us in unheated trucks or rail cars.

There are three major considerations when using storage in the winter months:

1. What are you storing?

If you plan to save some money, unheated storage is more affordable. Furniture, appliances, and clothes can usually tolerate the cold. But more expensive items such as antique furniture, electronics, books, and fine china are better suited in a warm environment.

Some storage locations offer both unheated and heated spaces. One option is to split your possessions up, putting the larger, inexpensive items in unheated to save money, and using a smaller heated space for the more expensive items.

2. How long will the items be in storage?

The next consideration is the length of time the items will be in storage. Just need it for a month? Depending on what you have to store, unheated may help save you some money.

3. How often do you need access to your storage?

The last consideration is how often do you need to access your items? If you are storing the items and do not need to access, you can pack the space tight and save money by only paying for the space you need.However, if you need to come and go to your items – adding, removing, or even sorting – heated spaces are much more comfortable. For a small increase to the price, access will be well lit and comfortable enough to work in your shirt sleeves.Most of our commercial storage renters need access often, and have items of value so the small extra charge for the comfort of heated storage is well worth it.

Some of our storage facilities even have indoor loading docks, in which you can bring your vehicle right inside of our building! Not only are you warm and comfortable, so is your vehicle!

Ask our friendly storage staff today for more info!

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