Be a Savvy Storage User: Stash Those Warm Weather Toys!

Any day now, the Canadian landscape will be transformed into a field of white snow. It’s time to ensure your favorite summer toys are put away safe, sound and dry.

Affordable Direct Access Storage Units

Direct access, unheated storage units are mini garages perfect for storing your ATVs, motorcycles, personal watercraft and small boats. With concrete floors, metal walls and a single lightbulb, these storage units are a great alternative to leaving your summer recreation vehicles in your backyard unsecured and uncovered from the elements.

Storage Unit Sizing

  • Direct access storage units  range from 5’ wide to 10’ long to as large as 10’ wide by 20’ long
  • A 5’ by 10’ space is great for kayaks and motorbikes
  • Many customers like our 10’ by 10’ spaces for a small trailer with a couple of motorbikes, or snowmobiles or even an ATV on top
  • Our 10’ by 20’ units are the size of a single car garage and ideal for a longer trailer or a small boat on a trailer. The door opening is 8’ wide by 7’ high, so we do caution that some larger/taller boat and trailer units may be too high or wide for some openings

Easy Access

Accessing your storage unit is simple: Drive up to your own mini garage. Open your steel roll up door and park your toys inside.  Close the door, place your own lock on the space (you keep the key) and, voila, secure and dry!

Storage unit access hours are from 6am -11pm, 365 days a year.

Pro Tip for Storing Summer Toys

We do recommend that gas tanks be close to empty, and batteries be disconnected and preferably removed. Some battery cells may be damaged in extreme cold.

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