Self-Storage Works for Business Too

Self-storage is often considered to be a solution for personal, home-related problems. We tend to think of self-storage for when we are moving or renovating, decluttering our house or storing seasonal equipment and recreational accessories, but self-storage can be of huge benefit to small and large businesses alike.

At Sentinel Storage, we pride ourselves on our highest quality customer service; we take every effort to make your experience with self-storage an easy one. In line with that, we like to provide information that can aid in your storage project, and we are always happy to discuss your projects further in person.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled the following ways that businesses can utilize self-storage for their own organization, space, and convenience.


Every business always has a large number of sensitive documents that require being kept for a certain amount of time. Whether these are tax or employee records, legal or confidential documents, your business is required to hold on to these. While you need to hold onto them, you also rarely need to access them.

Such records are excellent items to remove from your office or workspace, creating more room and organization, and a self-storage unit is usually the best way to get them out of your way while keeping them safe.

With state-of-the-art security systems at all of our facilities, Sentinel Storage locations are optimal places to keep your important documents protected. Climate-controlled units will also ensure the paper does not deteriorate while in long-term storage.

Seasonal items

Certain businesses operate on a seasonal basis or have items that are only needed seasonally, and a self-storage unit to house those items is a great way to keep them secure during their downtime.

Landscaping businesses are often self-storage tenants. Small, outdoor access units can be excellent spaces for keeping lawnmowers and gardening tools safe in the winter, and snowplows and shovels in the summer. In fact, often these businesses will keep all of their tools in the locker, accessing what they need on a daily basis.

Clothing stores are constantly going through the seasons. Storage units for last season’s items or for next season will help optimize your space at the shop. Extra shelving, mannequins, and other spare display items can also reside in storage until they are needed.

Restaurants with a patio will often need space to keep their patio furniture safe during the winter season, and a self-storage locker can double as a space to house decorations for various holidays and promotional events. Establishments like these will often have spare indoor furniture in the event that an item breaks at the restaurant, and a self-storage unit will be a good place to keep those items as well. With a climate-controlled unit, a restaurant can even store aging wine stock.


General contractors and construction companies can benefit greatly from utilizing a self-storage unit. Job sites can often be scattered throughout a city, so having a self-storage unit in a central location to house equipment and machinery can provide a lot of convenience. Grab what you need in the morning, and return it every night.

In fact, there are many ways that a contractor can use the space a self-storage unit provides. Excess materials and supplies from one job can be kept and stored for the next job that can use the same materials. The storage facility itself could serve as a meeting point for workers as well, especially if you are going there anyway to collect equipment and supplies.


Businesses that have a large inventory will find a great use for storing their items in a self-storage unit offsite, creating extra space in the workplace. Bring shelving units and create aisles to keep everything organized and easy to access when you need to. Artists and artisans can find similar uses for their paintings, sculptures, carvings, and other handmade goods.


If you are a business preparing to renovate your space, then a storage unit can serve to house furniture, equipment, supplies, and anything else that will need to be removed during the renovations. With climate-controlled units, you won’t need to be worried about electronics, leather furniture, appliances, or anything that could be harmed by fluctuations in temperature either.

Even if it isn’t full-blown renovations, but equipment upgrades to a photocopier, appliance or another large, valuable piece of equipment – or multiple pieces – a self-storage unit is a great place to store the old item while you work on selling it or finding its next use.


The classic self-storage use, during a move, is of course still a fantastic option for businesses changing locations. If there’s time between moving from the old space and moving into the new one, then a storage unit is a great solution for that middle period.

Moving can be a stressful process, and it can take a lot of energy. Going through everything that’s been collected at a workplace can take a lot of time to go through, and usually becomes unavoidable during a move. Why add stress to your business move though? A self-storage unit will allow you a space to return to over a longer period of time to sort through items and make decisions in a more comfortable manner.

The popularity of self-storage has been growing rapidly over the last decade, and with the versatility of these spaces, this should come as no surprise. Self-storage is used for a myriad of reasons for personal and home use, and the same can certainly be said for business use. Whether it’s paperwork, seasonal items, inventory, equipment, machinery, or all of those, Sentinel Storage can satisfy your business’ storage needs.

(See here for more information about business or commercial storage at Sentinel Storage.)

If you’re a business in need of more space and more organization, then speak with your Sentinel Storage agent today about what we can do for your business storage project.

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