Sentinel Helps Albertans

Recent floods have caused unexpected and devastating damage to the homes, communities, and residents of Southern Alberta. Sentinel has several storage facilities located in Calgary and has taken action to help it’s community residents. Not only has Sentinel offered significantly discounted rates for its storage units, they have donated $7,500.00 to the Canadian Red Cross to assist them with their efforts; the Canadian Red Cross played an active role in initially responding to the flooding and continues to aid and support those in need.

After their generous donation, Sentinel Storage received the following words of gratitude from the Canadian Red Cross:

“Thank you for your recent contribution of $7,500.00, Sentinel Storage Corporation. Whether in your own community or across the world, your donation is hard at work, improving the life of someone made vulnerable by disaster. Through your generosity, we will continue bringing help and hope wherever and whenever it’s needed most. THANK YOU.”

Sentinel Storage has announced that they will match the total dollar amount that is donated to the Canadian Red Cross by their staff members. They plan to continue to contribute to the cause and are looking forward to determining the donation amount that they will match from their staff around the country.

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