Sentinel introduces no-hassle automatic debit

The easiest way to pay!

Sentinel now makes it easy and convenient for you to pay your monthly bill – with new automatic debit processing. We can set up an automatic withdrawal from either your chequing or savings account at no extra cost.

To get started, we need your banking information and a signed authorization form. Print off the attached form, fill it in, then email, fax, mail or drop it off at your rental office. Remember to submit a void cheque along with the form!

No more post-dated cheques. No dropping off cheques or having to remember to mail them in! Do it today and cross “Pay Sentinel” off your monthly to do list.

Of course, Sentinel still offers a wide range of payment options. Pre-arranged choices include reoccurring credit card and post-dated cheques; or you can pay your monthly bill online, by mail, pre-payment, phone in credit card or in person. At Sentinel, it’s all about convenience.

Click here to download the Auto Debit Application

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