Three Easy Steps To Keep Your Closet Organized

Closets are a standard part of every bedroom and sometimes the hallways too. They serve a great purpose of providing the necessary space to keep any and all of our belongings out of sight. However, it can quickly turn into “out of sight, out of mind” and we find ourselves scared to open the closet door in case everything falls out on top of us. Don’t let your closet become a safety concern. Take control of this space and give yourself a spot in your home that makes your daily routine a breeze.

Strategize and Plan Ahead

The best way to maintain your closet is to come prepared with a plan before you start bringing in all of your clothing. If you start from the beginning with an organized closet, you won’t have to double back down the road, making it less daunting and more manageable on the day to day basis. If your closet is already full, it’s time to empty everything out and start again with a blank canvas. Though it may seem like a major task to take on, you’ll be thanking yourself later when you can find and access anything in your closet with ease. Your closet is your own, and you may not need or want to organize it like everyone else. Come up with a plan that fits your needs, prioritizing what is most necessary to you and working your way down from there. If you own a lot of jewelry and accessories, consider bringing in compartments to keep each item untangled and secure. If shoes are your vice, put shoe racks or boxes and shelving at the top of your list to give your collection its own space. Most importantly, stick to your plan- it will be worth it when you no longer need to search for that one shirt you know you have somewhere.

Storage Supplies

Once you know what your top priorities are for your closet and the set up you need, take into consideration what supplies you require, whether it be bins, hangers, shoe racks, dividers, or storage hangers with compartments. Maybe all of them! Measure your space before buying your supplies. If you don’t know what will fit, there’s a chance you end up with more clutter from too many supplies than before with none at all. Place your supplies in your closet how you’d like them before you fill everything, allowing you to change your design and set up with ease to find the most efficient way to use the space you have. Use your supplies to take advantage of space that may otherwise go unused. For example, use bins and boxes to store shoes on high shelving to stack higher, as opposed to putting them on the minimal floor space or only being able to lay out one row of the item. By utilizing the space to its full potential, you will find yourself with more space to view your belongings without having to take everything down to see it.

Purge and Clean

A great way to keep your closet organized is to keep track and stay on top of what you genuinely wear and use.

  1. If you find yourself with multiple clothing items going unworn for months, it’s time, to be honest with yourself – stop convincing yourself you’ll wear that sweater when the right time comes. Donate or sell your unused items and keep your closet to what you truly need and want.
  2. Come up with a system to track your unused items, whether it be different coloured hangers for the clothes that you’re hanging back up after wearing and washing, or rotating the hanger in the opposite direction to see what doesn’t get moved over a designated amount of time.
  3. This last tip can be a hard one for all of us to do, but it really is the best tip for maintaining your closet: Hang up your clothes. It’s easy to tell yourself you can do it tomorrow, but chances are, you’ll find yourself with a growing pile of clothes in the corner of your room that still hasn’t been put away. Your closet is there for a reason, and it’s definitely a better space for your clothes than the chair in the corner of your room.

Whether you have a small closet or a walk-in closet with a seating area, it’s so easy to lose track of your organization and find yourself with an overwhelming mess that looks like your belongings are overflowing. With a little strategy, help from the right supplies, and keeping up with your own needs, your closet can be something you enjoy opening every day instead of wondering if today is the day it all comes tumbling down.

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