Winter Car Storage at Sentinel

winter car storageWhile it’s technically still autumn for a while longer, soon enough the snowflakes will start falling.  If you took some time to get your home and yard organized this fall, then you should already be prepared for the cooler weather upon us.

But what about those “toys” that you only really use during the summer months? Do you have a classic car that you enjoy during the summer, but need to keep safe throughout the winter? Perhaps you need more room in your garage this winter so you can park your cars inside and out of the elements.  Sentinel Storage is here to help! We offer long and short term car storage in our garage style units for year-round or winter storage for vehicles that fit in the 7’ high by 8’ wide doors.  This means not only can you store your car, but recreational vehicles like motorcycles and ATVs will fit, too!

Plus, some of our locations also offer winter car storage specials, starting at $149 per month.  More details about the locations that have these specials are available on our website.

If you plan on storing your car or other vehicles for the winter, there are a few things to keep in mind when you rent your self storage unit:

  • Choose a location that is close to home in a facility that is clean and dry, and also has security systems in place to protect your vehicle.
  • Regardless of how long you will be storing your car, ATV, motorcycle, etc., make sure they are clean when you bring them to the storage unit. Dirt can cause things to decay or possibly attract bugs or critters that could damage your vehicle.  Make sure all garbage and food items have been removed from the insides of the vehicles, too.
  • Remove the battery from your vehicle and store it in a warm environment. Not only will your vehicle start easy in the springtime (even when turned off, modern vehicles draw a small amount of current), but your battery fluids will not freeze, which could cause cracked cells and leaking battery acid.
  • Make sure your gas tank has enough in the tank to start the engine- but don’t fill it past ¼ of a tank at the most. If there was a fire at the facility, the less gas stored in these units the better! A full tank would fuel the fire and make it that much more difficult for the firemen to put it out.
  • Park the vehicle on planks or a tarp to keep them off the ground and moisture from damaging the tires. Also, make sure the tires are at their proper air pressure.

If you have any questions about winter car storage in a self storage facility, please feel free to call or stop by any of Sentinel Storage’s 23 locations!

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