How to Determine the Best Storage Size for Your Needs

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After much thought, you have decided that a storage unit is right for your needs! But just like most things in life, there is no “One size fits all.” You might be left wondering how do I pick the right sized unit to fit my needs? A few factors need to go into your decision making.  For instance, what do you intend to store? For how long? Can you foresee the need for storage down the road? It can seem pretty intimidating but picking the right size of storage unit doesn’t have to be when you follow these steps.

Step 1

Make a list of the things you intend to store. Not only will it have you organized, but it will also help with envisioning a proper estimate of how many boxes you will need. Be sure to also factor in items that won’t be stored in boxes such as furniture, appliances and any oddly shaped items.

Step 2

After you have taken stock of what you need to store, try to picture it all fitting in a room in your home. It’s easier to think about the size of a unit if you can relate it to a familiar room in your house. The following is a standard size guide for storage units and some examples of what you can fit into them.

Storage Unit guidelines

5x5 (25 Square feet) - Is the size of a standard walk-in closet or small bedroom/office. Although they are one of the smallest storage unit sizes, they are perfect for yard tools, holiday and seasonal items, office supplies and miscellaneous boxes.

10x15 (150 Square feet) - Perfect for a Master bedroom – bed frame and mattress, dressers and side tables or the furnishing of 2-4 smaller rooms. Also ideal for larger items such as couches, dining room sets, television and pianos.

10x30 (300 Square feet) -  A 3 bedroom home including most furnishings would be perfect for this size. Large appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, washer and dryers too!

20x50 (600+ Square feet) - Furnishings of 7+ rooms, a large family home or a multicar garage. The sky’s the limit with this one. Or at least 600 square feet.

10 square feet or less - Some locations will even offer as small as a chest of drawers or 2-3 small boxes. Perfect for short-term storing.

Parking - A parking space option for a car, truck, van or in some cases, a boat.

Step 3

Figure out how long you will be using your storage unit. If you are using it for a short time, like a move or a season, it’s better to get close to the exact amount of space you will need, so you’re not wasting time or money. But if you are looking to use your storage unit for a longer time, then it might serve you better to get a bigger size unit, so you're not held to limitations. You don’t want to be cramming your unit so when you come and go you are not unpacking and playing Tetris each time. And if you are still unsure, just remember when it comes to a storage unit, it’s better to go big.

Step 4

If you are still unsure, don't hesitate to ask! One of the many friendly and helpful staff will be happy to assist you. They can give you more insight with an estimate of how much or little room you need. Unless it’s a car, then I would say it would be safe to assume you could go with the parking spot option.

With some planning and organization, choosing the best size of storage unit to fit your needs is easy. And with friendly staff to help you along the way, getting you ready is simple