How to Pack and Store Your Electronics

Categories: Storage

Packing your books and clothes may seem simple, but packing your electronics can take some extra time and care. Note these tips for packing your electronics to help ensure that your electronics stay safe and secure.

pack your electronics

1. Take a picture

One key thing to do before you pack up your larger electronics is to take a picture of how your cords go into them. This is especially important for printers, desktop computers/modems, and entertainment systems with TVs, Blueray players, speakers, etc.

2. Bag up the cords

Then, take the cord(s) for each device and put them in quart sized Ziploc bags. For example, the charger for your tablet would go into one bag, the cords for your printer would all go into one, and the cords that come out of your TV would all go into one. If you have multiple of any given device (for example, televisions) be sure to separate their cords. Also, be sure to label all bags!

keep your cords together organized for move

3. Keep them together

All Ziploc bags should then go into a labelled box to keep them all together. 

4. Pack your electronics with care

Most people are quite concerned about packing up their televisions. If you still have the television’s original packaging including the box and Styrofoam, feel free to utilize this to keep your TV safe during your move. If not, grab a TV moving box and some bubble wrap from one of our facilities to pack your TV in. If you have cases or sleeves for your tablets and laptops, utilize them, and if you want to be extra safe, wrap them in bubble wrap and place them securely in a box. Fill any empty spaces in the box with packing paper or newspaper so that the items do not shift around during the move.

Packing electronics can be a bit stressful, but it you put your effort into staying organized and keeping your items safe, the move-in process will be much less of a hassle!