Self Storage Makes Moving in with Your Partner Easy

Have you been with your significant other for a while now, or have you just united and see a bright future together? Whether you’re newly connected or have been together for a while, you’ve recognized the benefits from moving in together. However, there are a number of things you should consider and prepare yourselves for if you are going to move in with each other.

When you sit down together and start imagining how living together will be, you’ll likely find that you each have duplicates of the same thing. Tossing these items away is not the best idea, as anything can happen in the future, and you never know when you might actually need these items again. This is why a self storage unit can be a big advantage when a couple moves in together for the first time.

At Sentinel Storage, we help couples who have just moved in together on a regular basis, and they constantly remind us of how valuable the additional space a self storage unit provides their circumstances. Here, we provide every young couple moving in together with the best advice and tips for a successful move.

Sharing space has advantages

Let’s begin by looking at all the reasons why moving in together can be a great benefit to both of you. The most obvious advantage is the savings you’ll both incur splitting rent, hydro, groceries, etc. If your strategy is simply to have one of you move into the other’s space, then this is a great move to essentially cut many of your expenses in half.

It is of great advantage to also share household responsibilities. While you may not have the opportunity to purchase groceries today, your partner does have that opportunity. When your partner is consumed with a deadline, you can wash the dishes and do the laundry. It’s give and take, and, together, you’ll both have less to do individually. Not only your costs, but your household responsibilities should both become easier to manage with two of you.

If you’re good at certain things, and they’re good at others (likely the case), then you’ll both be increasing your abilities to accomplish things together, as your strengths will help prop up your partner’s weaknesses and vice-versa. Similarly, the belongings each of you own can now be combined together, surely filling vacant spaces of items either of you may be missing. In other words, you will complement each other in numerous ways.

Learning how to compromise

The advantages are clear, but there are many aspects of a move like this that could harm your relationship if you are not prepared in advance. The first thing you really need to do for a successful move in together is to learn to compromise.

While you may love your coffee table, perhaps it is inappropriate for the amount of space in the living room or for the style of the other furniture your partner already has in the space. Be ready to forego moving in with your favourite coffee table if this is the situation.

Likewise, your partner may have an incredibly comfortable bed, but your larger mattress makes sense for the two of you. It is moments like these where a self storage unit becomes very helpful, as surely you don’t want to throw out your favourite coffee table, and your partner surely does not want to throw out her comfy bed.

While agreeing on things like this is important, there are more pressing concerns you need to agree on. It may seem obvious, but if you do not discuss the financial arrangements in advance, you could end up in a messy situation when it comes time to pay the bills. Sit down and go through all the expenses the two of you will need to share, and plan out how, who, and when is paying what bills before you move ahead on a property together.

Create a pre-move checklist

The best way to be prepared to move in together is to create a pre-move checklist. Start by taking an inventory of both places. With a list of everything, you can take the time to go through the list together, making decisions on what will come to your home, what will need to be stored, and what to give away or donate.

After making these agreements, take a measurement of all the items you agreed will be coming with you to your shared space. This will help you determine the amount of space you will need, making your search for a place more focused. Keep in mind that the more you want to take to the home will add to the square footage of what you require to house it all. Likewise, keep in mind the number of things you intend to store, as that too will affect the size of the storage unit you require.

The remaining items, the ones you want to get rid of, those need to be determined quickly so that any items you intend to sell can go up for sale as soon as possible. The idea here is to be able to sell those items before the move, that way you avoid the costs and labour involved with moving them. This is one reason why making the list and these decisions is really the first thing you need to get accomplished.

Remaining level-headed

Throughout the entire process you need to be as sensitive to your partner’s feelings. While you may not appreciate their attachment to their collection of figurines or comics, these items may have a lot of sentimental value for your partner. Rather than declaring these items must go, first try to understand whether these are particularly cherished or not, and then be willing to accept them if your partner is averse to losing them. When the conversation switches to your collection of cutting boards or license plates, you’ll be happy your partner is willing to listen to your plea to keep those.

This last point is perhaps the all-encompassing point you really need to keep in your mind. Living together is not the same as dating. It’s a big step up. But this doesn’t mean it should be scary. What you and your partner do best is be together, so allow this experience to strengthen that bond, rather than destroy it, by having an open mind, open ears, and a willingness to compromise and be as honest as possible. Put it on the table for your partner to see in advance of any decisions, and you’ll both be moving into a happy home together.

For more advice on moving in together and how to utilize self storage to do so, speak with your Sentinel Storage advisor today.