Unique Uses for Self Storage

Categories: Storage

When you think of self storage, you usually think of a place to put your overflowing belongings or unused seasonal valuables. However, this is just one way to use self storage. Some people have come up with creative and out of the box ideas and discovered alternative ways of getting the most out of their storage unit. From work spaces to extended rooms you can’t fit at home, your self storage unit can be so much more than a place to put your old couch and dining set.


It can be incredibly expensive to rent a studio or venue space to host your own gallery of your work. Renting a storage unit is an affordable alternative to showcase your hard work for your friends, family and future buyers. Whether you’re an artist, a woodworker or a designer, use your self storage unit to show off your hard work with the freedom to set it up and decorate it your way. When you aren’t displaying your work and hosting guests, use your storage unit as your own personal studio. Bring all your materials and supplies and have a creative space to create your next masterpiece on your own time.

Extended Closet

Sometimes there’s just never enough room for your clothing and shoes. Instead of taking over your partner’s side of the closet or having to downsize your closet by throwing out some of your favourite outfits, keep your overflow in your storage unit. Use racks to hang your shirts, pants or dresses. As they hang on the racks, keep the items in clothing bags or vacuum sealed bags to protect them from any moisture that may be in the air. For shoes or jewelry, use plastic containers to keep them clean and organized. Label the boxes so you can find exactly what you’re looking for quickly. Your self-storage unit can be the closet you always dreamed of with the space to fit every piece of clothing you dream of owning.

Car Garage

Some people use their self storage unit to  store their summer vehicle over the winter months. But you can use your storage unit for your car in more ways than one. For the gear heads, transform your unit into your own personal garage to work on your car. Set up shelving units and garage cabinets to keep your tools organized and on hand ready for use. By creating your own work space for your car, you give yourself more room at home and the space and privacy to work on your car whenever you want. Give yourself the freedom to enjoy the process on your own terms.

Whether you use your self storage unit for furniture and clothing or machines and vehicles, take advantage of your space and personalize it to get the most out of your unit.