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Calgary RV Storage & Trailer Parking

Sentinel Storage is proud to offer RV Storage near Calgary, AB Our Calgary RV Parking facilities are safe, secure, and gated. We have RV Storage locations throughout Calgary. Our RV Parking lots are clean and accessible 24/7 with each customer receiving a unique entry code.

Finding a space to store your RV when it is not in use can be challenging. If you are even permitted by your local homeowner’s association to keep the RV in your driveway, most people do not have the space to do so.

Even if your driveway is long enough to park the RV, you will still have to negotiate around it every time you want to use your other vehicles or access your garage.

And that’s to say nothing about the lack of security you feel, knowing that your RV is such an easy target for theft, break-in, or squatters.

Luckily, there are RV storage solutions near Calgary.

Our Calgary motorhome parking facilities are safe, secure, and gated, with convenient access for you, trough a unique entry code.

Give us a call today to see which of our Calgary locations are best for your camper storage needs. We even offer covered RV storage at our Calgary - Spring Bank location to help protect your RV from the Canadian winters.

Features of our Calgary RV Storage Facilities

Our outdoor rv storage in Calgary offers the best solution for freeing up space in your driveway.

It’s also an excellent choice if you are seeking winter trailer storage in Calgary. Some of the benefits of our rv parking include:

  • 24/7 Access to our storage facilities
  • Large outdoor parking spaces
  • Gated Parking Lots
  • Safe & Secure


Why should I store my trailer?

Many people may wonder if they should bother with getting a storage location for their RV at all. If you have the space at home, why not save a little money and just keep it parked in your driveway during the off-season.

Sure, that might save you a few loonies, but in the long run the cost of RV storage is nothing when you consider the benefits of using a RV parking facility.

At a RV parking facility, you get:

  1. Peace of mind – When you park your RV at your home you leave it vulnerable to theft, vandalism and even squatters moving in. At a RV parking facility, you will receive 24/7 security so you can rest well knowing your RV is safe.
  2. More space to live your life – one of the reasons you love your RV is that it’s big. That allows you to fully enjoy it when its in use. But, it also means it will take up a lot of space in your driveway. That’s space you can’t use during the off-season. By utilizing a RV parking facility, you can get that space back to use and enjoy until its time to get back out on the road with your RV.
  3. Protection from the elements – Canadian winters can be harsh, and your driveway is not designed to protect your RV from the winter weather. Falling ice, blowing debris and snow accumulation can all cause problems. Even an outdoor RV parking facility is better equipped to protect your RV from the most severe weather issues and many RV parking facilities will have some degree of climate control to assist even further.

How ever you slice it, it just makes sense to take advantage of all that a RV parking facility offers. Give us a call today to see what location can best serve you.     

RV Storage Preparation Checklist

  1. Remove sheets and textiles. As well as any cloth or fabrics to reduce risk of mold
  2. To help control humidity, use moisture control products
  3. Make sure interior is dry
  4. Empty water tank
  5. Fill fuel tank to help prevent corroding
  6. Remove battery so it doesn’t drain
  7. Close off any openings and gaps
  8. Get a proper weather cover

Outdoor RV Parking in Calgary

We also have outdoor parking and outdoor car storage in Calgary, excellent for larger vehicles. Our parking lots are gated and each client receives their own unique code.

Our facilities are the top choice for boat storage in Calgary and an excellent solution if you also require heated storage in Calgary.

How much does it cost to store a large RV? 

Pricing and cost of RV storage varies depending on your needs, we are constantly having various promos and storage unit deals that will help you save!

Our pricing is visible and can be found directly on the Sentinel Storage website. Once you find the Calgary RV Storage location that interests you, all you need to do is click the ”Outdoor Parking” filter and instantly see our RV storage prices.