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How much does a storage unit in Edmonton cost?

How much does a storage unit in Edmonton cost?

The cost of a storage unit in Edmonton depends on a variety of factors including the location, unit size and features, time of the year, and general market prices. 

You can often find a 5x5 storage unit for less than $10 per week, one of our cheapest storage units in Edmonton. Search for the best storage unit for your needs at one of our 4 Edmonton locations. We also offer a handful of storage unit promotions to help you save. 

Edmonton Storage you can rely on

The northernmost metropolitan area in North America, Edmonton is both the “Gateway to the North” and “Canada’s Festival City.” On the North Saskatchewan River, Edmonton finds its bustling city surrounded by incredible landscapes, numerous opportunities for open-air recreation, and, within the city, the highest amount of parkland per capita of any Canadian city. 

Yet, the city also contains a thriving arts and culture scene, leaders in business and finance, and the largest shopping mall in North America. 

Edmonton has a little of everything, making it home to a wide mix of people with unique storage needs, which Sentinel Storage is proud to accommodate with our own wide mix of self-storage solutions.

Whether you’re hustling through the busy streets in Oliver, a young couple building a family in Kilkenny, a designer working in Cloverdale, or a snowboarder from Jasper Place, our self-storage facilities provide locker sizes with the right amount of space to accommodate your personal possessions, seasonal goods, and every residential storage need in between. 

Sentinel Storage carries all of the packing supplies needed to suit your move, and all of our locations are conveniently accessible from major transportation routes. To help with your transportation, we even provide a courtesy move-in van to all of our tenants to make their move into self-storage an easy one.

Features of our Edmonton Storage Units

Flexible Edmonton Storage Solutions

Business owners can find incredible uses for self-storage as well. From the downtown core to the city limits, Sentinel Storage has a diverse range of solutions to meet your unique self-storage parameters. 

Our diverse range of storage amenities along with modern security and surveillance systems means you can trust Sentinel Storage with your business storage.

 Our smallest, 5x5 units can match the needs of a smaller office, and our largest, 10x30 units, can solve your biggest inventory issues. With numerous sizes in between, Sentinel Storage can grow along with your business.

We know the local region well, and we have established over 10 locations across Edmonton to allow convenient access for every citizen.  Our facilities are staffed with experts in self-storage who are keen to help make your move into (or out of) storage an easy one.

Whether you’re storing belongings from your home, need a place for your car, boat, RV or motorcycle, or a place to keep your belongings between moves, Access Storage Edmonton has you covered. 

Affordable Storage Units in Edmonton

We offer secure storage for businesses and residential customers in the middle of a move, organising their space, or simply need a safe place for some valuables.

 We know the local region well, and we have established over 10 locations across Edmonton to allow convenient access for every citizen.  

Our facilities are staffed with experts in self-storage who are keen to help make your move into (or out of) storage an easy one.

Choosing a storage unit in Edmonton

Whichever store you choose, you can be sure that they will have heated and climate controlled storage units, 24hour security systems, various sized units, and even a free move-in van or your first 4 weeks free.

Wherever you require self-storage in Edmonton, in the north, south, east, or west, we’ll be nearby with our premium self-storage facilities, ready to accommodate your needs:

Drive-up storage

Outdoor units provide the convenience necessary for those who frequent their unit often. Drive directly up to the unit to load or unload, or drive your car straight into the unit to protect it for the winter months.

Heated storage

If you are storing items that can be affected by temperature fluctuations or humidity (e.g., electronics, collectibles, or artwork), then a heated unit is what you require. Leaving sensitive items in the hands of an Edmonton winter is a bad idea, and these units make winter storage easy.

Vehicle storage

Your classic car, motorcycle, and sea-doo need protection in the winter, and our drive-up units are perfect to protect these vehicles during the offseason. With our oversized parking spaces, we also have room for your boats, trucks, and RVs. Even in the spring, when it’s time to store your snowmobile, Sentinel Storage has the options to satisfy every vehicle storage need. Whether you need large storage spaces, small units, or moving supplies, Sentinel Storage has you covered.

We recommend the following Edmonton storage unit sizes for each vehicle:

  • Motorcycle Storage: 10 ft x 15ft
  • Snowmobile Storage: 10 ft x 15ft
  • ATV Storage: 10 ft x 15 ft
  • Compact Car Storage: 10 ft x 20 ft
  • Full Sized Car Storage: 10 ft x 25 ft
  • Light Truck Storage:  10 ft x 25 ft
  • Cargo Van Storage: 10 ft x 30 ft
  • Large Truck Storage:  10 ft x 30 ft
  • SUV Storage:  10 ft x 30 ft

Browse through our many Edmonton locations to find the facility best for you, and speak to us today to learn more about how Sentinel Storage makes self-storage easy.

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