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How much does a storage unit in Vancouver cost?

The cost of a storage unit in Vancouver depends on a variety of factors including the location, unit size and features, time of the year, and general market prices. You can often find a 5x5 storage unit for less then $10 per week. Search for the best storage unit for your needs at one of our 3 Vancouver locations.

Sentinel Storage provides safe and convenient Vancouver storage solutions. As an added benefit, we offer a complete assortment of moving and packing supplies. At Sentinel Storage, we believe in the importance of supporting the local community, and enthusiastically sponsor various organizations and charities. Whether you need large storage spaces, small units, or moving supplies, Sentinel Storage has you covered.

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Flexible Vancouver Storage Solutions

We provide flexible Vancouver self storage. Our clean, secure, and well-lit Vancouver storage units are designed to keep your belongings safe. Whether you’re storing belongings from your home, need a place for your car, boat, RV or motorcycle, or a place to keep your belongings between moves, Sentinel Storage has you covered. It’s one more way we are able to provide great Vancouver storage experiences.