Tout ce que vous devez savoir sur l'entreposage à climat contrôlé

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Many self storage companies boast of climate controlled storage units. However, the definition of "controlled climate" is fluctuating in the industry. Many companies offer units that are temperature controlled, not climate controlled.

So, what is climate controlled storage? 

Climate controlled storage means that the temperature and humidity of your storage unit are checked and adjusted accordingly. A heating system keeps your unit warm during the winter months, and an air conditioning system keeps it cool during the summer, maintaining a constant temperature throughout the year. Humidifiers and dehumidifiers are used to manage the humidity level in the storage unit, thereby reducing the amount of dust and particulates in the air. 

Why is it important?

Many items are sensitive to temperature changes and may be damaged if stored over a long period of time. These items include:

Works of art - It is recommended to store your artwork in specially designed tubes or in transparent storage bins to help protect them from moisture and dust. Moisture can alter canvases and paint, and over a long period of time it can even make works mildew.

Fabrics and clothing - Moisture can alter and spoil the shape of clothes, and it can discolor them.

Paper and documents - Moisture can discolor, curl, and damage paper, resulting in data loss.

Electronic devices - Plasma TVs and internal components may be damaged by humidity. Moisture can also cause significant damage to audio devices.

Vinyl records - Moisture distorts vinyl records, damaging the sound of music. If you have valuable records that are hard to find on the market, you do not want to run the risk of permanently damaging them.

Wood furniture - Moisture can warp wood, crack it, and even mold it over time.

The last thing you want is to go back and look for the goods you have stored to find that they have been damaged. Many items are unique and can not be replaced. You do not want to run this risk.

How to find a climate controlled storage unit?

The rule of thumb when looking for a storage unit is: ask questions. When you go to a storage company, know what your needs are and make sure you get what you want. If the company's representative tells you that the units are climate controlled, ask them if this includes air conditioning and humidity control. Many companies offer "climate-controlled" units that are only heated in winter. Temperature control is important throughout the year, as the hot summer months can cause as much damage as the cold winter months. By being prepared with this information, you will ensure you get quality storage for your belongings.

Climate controlled storage units are generally more expensive than regular units. However, the cost of proper storage for your valuable goods may be much lower than it would cost to replace them.

At Sentinel Storage, we value honesty and transparency, and we look forward to answering all your questions to help you find the right storage unit for you.