Prorated Refunds

Here at Sentinel Storage, it is our mission to provide secure, convenient, accessible and affordable storage, along with exceptional customer service.

Moving is expensive and we understand that you may need your storage unit for a few days, weeks, months, or longer.

Not sure how long you will need your storage space for? Don’t worry, we have you covered!  While we do require a minimum one month rental, our unique and fair billing cycle makes it easy for you to move out when you are ready, without any additional cost.  

As part of our dedication to customer satisfaction, we offer prorated refunds for tenants who vacate their storage space within 15 days after their last rental due date.

For example, if you moved in on August 1st, rent would be due the 1st of every month.  You would be eligible for a refund if you moved out on, or prior to, September 15th. However, if you move out of the storage space on or after September 16th, you would no longer be eligible for the prorated refund.

If you have any questions about our prorated refunds, please contact us.